Yard Sale

Blankets and beannies, toys in a box,
i'm selling my camera and all of my clocks.
I set out my dishes, and washed all the clothes
I shined up that vase with the little red rose.
My shoes they are scattered, all over the yard
my soda is warm and my sandwich is hard.
The suns really hot, and it's making me sweat
I feel like i peed and my britches are wet.
I dropped the darn pennies, all over the grass
red ants and crickets now riding my a**.
My butt is now burning with each little bite
red welts and blisters, it's no longer white.
The days almost over, i've made not a cent
to heck with the yard sale, to heck with the rent.
I'm taking my pennies, in fact all my cash
gonna spend it on beer and a nice little stash.
I'm gonna go shopping with linda in tow
that chick she can shop, like a dang blessed pro.
Tomorrows a new day, i'll try it once more
but no sales by noon, and i'm back at the store.

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