Monastery Madness

It was 1382, in the middle ages
I was just a young monk, reading bible pages
But one fateful night, while I was praying to god
This girl walked in, she was looking pretty hot.
Sure enough, she walked down the isle,
i couldn't help but jump on her, missionary style.
We were bangin' hard, all thru the night
...I thought to myself, sinning feels right.
But the worse thing happened, who'd ever thought
I heard on door, three hard knocks
while makin' love in my fav'rite position
i was like 'oh my god! its the Spanish Inquisition!
In a nervous frenzy, I ran out the door.
But not before I gave a kiss to the whore.
running hard, with not a cloth on my ass
I was just eager to let this incident pass

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