Fat Bellied Man

Big, round, beautiful man.
How I enjoy you!
I love to caress your round, fat belly
with the palm of my hand.

In this society you are shunned for beign heavy.
But I think you're wonderful.
Wonderful to look at.
To indulge in sensual pleasures.

Big, thick, and fat bellied.
When you're not in bed with me
I plump up the pillows and
put my arms around them .
To remind me of you.

You are so kind to me.
I take delight in rubbing my cheeks
against your round belly.
You love me kissing it and suckling your tummy.

I put a smile on your face.
I make you happy.
And you make me happy.

Big, round, fat bellied man.
You're so incredibly sexy to me!

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