Use Me

So will you use me then?
What do you want me for?
Do I soothe a need no one else could possibly give you?
Use me for love, for filling that hole
That nothing but our superficial redezvous will heal.
For hedonistic pleasure?
Is that all we are?
For defiance of the order they have placed us in.
How shallow our wants,
How base our need for eachother.
I use you to get some silly high
To make me feel again.
How pathetic of me.
Still, nothing is so close to God
As having your hot body locked inside mine.
Beating like the very pulse of earth itself.
Ravaging me to the point of savagery.
Until I am spent, completely used up.
Broken... yet satisfied.
Use me
Use me
Use me.
Nothing comes closer to heaven.
And I will use you to get me there.
We are such a sinful pair.

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