Too much

What is there left to say?
You know my doubts, my fears desires.
You've won my heart, and lighted my fire.
Can I give you anymore of me?
Can I love you less?
Will I ever be free?
I do not care who you are to me.
Not anymore.
It's meant to be.
No man has succeeded in what you've done.
Kept my heart so strong
And after so long...

I don't want to hold back anymore.
You haven't seen what's in my core.
If only you knew the passion I hide.
You'd be in for quite a ride.
I guess it's good we're far away.
But if I ever see you one day
I won't hold back.
I'm tired of that.
I'll do what I do and say what I say.

"Do you love me?" you ask
I wish I knew why you always wanted to know.


"how much?"

Too much!

Too much!

Too much!

Do you understand?

Am I getting through?

Could you love me as much as I love you?

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