Pure Ecstasy

Romantic evening of pure ecstasy.
Our hearts both filled with passion, wanting
To blend as one, embraced and looking deeply
Into one another's eyes we caress each
Others face with the gentleness of our hands.
Softly I kiss your lips that now taste like sweet wine
And with the tip of my tongue I trace
The outline of your soft tender lips.
Taking me in your strong arms you lift me and carry me
Before the blazing fire and slowly lay me down as we
Feel love's desire flow swiftly through our veins.
With the fire flickering on our bodies...
Our passion now becomes the heat of the night.
As we dance the dance of love in perfect rhythm,
We slowly fall into ecstasy
And our bodies melt together as one.
Two bodies blending in an unimaginable way...
The most beautiful way....
Two lovers who desire one another

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