Just Once With You

Can't sleep, feeling your hands on my body
As I awake.
Gentle, soft, forceful, strong.
I'm turned on by the feel
Of my silk negligae.
I can see my thigh peek out from under it.
I wonder what you would do if you ever saw me in it.
But that can never be.
You will never spend a night with me.

Just once with you was not enough
It never was.
And I fear I have cursed myself
By letting my life slip away
For that moment
Just Once was too much
There was something lost
That I can never get back.
Just once was a mistake
We should have done it again.
Would that have soothed the fire?

For now I want to know
If it was all real.
Did the earth really shift?
Another dimention crossed?
Was my body really yours?
My mind lost
Breasts, lips, longing for your kiss.
Wanting you inside.
Feeling you pull me.
I could have stayed there forever
But there was a limit
A breaking free
And back to the drawing board
I feel you part from me.

Prove to me that this is true
I want to gush all over you.
I want you flowing inside of me
I need your hands, your skin...

Can you cross that plane of time?
What are we willing to do to brave that place?
The regions that bar us from each other's body
For just one day can we fake it?
Can we stop time
Would I make it?
What lies can we tell?
How low can we go?
There is no end to this.
I cannot seem to quell this passion

I want you...

I need you...



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