Poem Sex

Toes, peeking out from underneath the crisp white sheet
Call me to kiss them, to seize them into my moist mouth
South, I observe them ascribed to two slightly soiled feet
Ever since traipsing in the garden, bare, upon supple dirt
Dessert to my eyes, inviting, surpassing all that is sweet

You turn so slightly, revealing a soft white creamy thigh
Inside of which I am obliged to press tenderly to my lips
Hips, now emerging into view, do excite my minds eye
Blood rushing to prepare for the ecstasy rapidly coming
Succumbing to pleasures I could undoubtedly never deny

Instinct soon carries me beyond, good sense out the door
I find myself kissing your appealing garden, on cloud nine
Shrine to some, lustful sanctuary of bonding, wanting more
Immersed in love’s juices, a woman’s fragrant Holy Grail
Pale God’s handiwork when compared to any other flower

Covers now removed, I slowly wind my way to your nipple
Succulent, undulating yet firm, iridescent from muted touch
Such beauty abounds nowhere else, the converse of dimple
Outwardly alluring, opulent nourishment for body and soul
Control now past, skin tingles, wanting you becomes simple

Grazing your neck, musk grabs at all my thoughts, my wants
Which have become stronger, that discover your soft tasty ear
Sheer delight now becomes apparent from you, loving taunts
Arouse me to ensnare your gentle lips, caressing slight flicks
Transform want into desire, bringing us to unfamiliar haunts

Then, your eyes greet mine, reach deep into my yearning soul
Windows that have no curtain, no shutter, only effervescence
Brilliance, lighting our very beings, bodies become as a whole
Drawing me into your world, entering you in a shared passion
Attraction, for each other, now just reveling in the lover’s role

After, breathing becomes easier, racing hearts take a short break
We smell love melding with air, soft comfort of close embrace
Space shared transcends loneliness, darkness where hearts ache
Disappears in the nights tranquil shift from a long journey alone
Known no longer, banished forever, by the love that we make

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