Two Bodies, Aching

Two bodies, aching from want, not toil
Soft, gentle kisses, losing gracefulness
to the deep, desire driven, greedy, lust induced motion
of tongues and open mouths, losing control, as if hungry.
Hands and fingers, tenderly touching, brushing, loving. Arms holding each other like fragile treasures..the soothing feel replaced by the dominant touch of groping, pushing, squeezing, gripping.....fingers and hands working fast as the pace changes.
Limbs and torsos, warmly embracing the comfort of two, complimenting the contours of each others bodies, the playful act forgotten as arms and legs wrap tightly, groins gyrate together, expressing the desire, the urge
Two warm bodies, lighly clad in the cool of the early morning, slowly awakening, tenderly touching...smiling, hoping, dreaming...becoming one machine, stripped of it's wrappings, lively, running hot, working hard, burning fuel,
Two bodies, tightly fit, hot, wet, working into each other, eyes locking, mouths wet and open, Sounds, moans, gasps... fists tightly clenched, lovers once rocking together in rhythm, moving mechanically against each other as they make their final efforts, eyes rolling back, muscles contracting, the machine breaks down,.
Two people, laying close together in the heat of the late morning, content. Two bodies, aching from toil, not want

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