I Want to be Your Servant

I want to be your servant
I'm done with being your slave
I've let you have your way with me
because I felt bound to your ecstacy.
But I'll be your slave no more.
I want to be your servant now.
I want to show you what I can do for you.
Touch me where you wish to touch me
Put it where you please.
Love me, torture me all you want.
And let me show you what I can do
What powers I have that can drive you wild.
Let me suck every drop of love you have in you.
And I'll keep it for a while.
There are so many things I want to do to you
The way you've done to me.
Whether it's soft or hot or rough,
The last time just wasn't enough.
You took care of me when I needed you.
Now I'll do whatever you want me too.

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