Intimate Confessions

Tonight she as glamorous as ever
her hair, her eyes highlighted by candlelight like never
her perfume softly encounters the room
and fills my heart with desire
setting my love on fire
skin so soft, body so tender
perfectly formed lips, our minds say enter
she opens up, I go in with no control
filling her bowl with milk for her soul
the nights too immature
the meat it can not endure
so we continue to talk, hold hands, and walk
my words to her were:
loves no sin
when you open, I'll come in
you'll feel my heavenly love
and we will fit like hand and glove
and the feeling will be like four men
playing equivalent tunes on a private organ
and every stroke of my devotion
will leave you wet from our emotions
"love's no sin"
hypnotically, she said "you may come in
the words you have read
have me ready to be fed"
pulsating through her rushing waters
her cries were like pigs being slaughtered
like a love scene only in a dream
I was her whip and she was my cream

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