Shhhh, there are still things I want to do to you

In the twilight of morning, when dreams still linger
I turn to that other world where the rules of this reality colide.
Let me stay there, for I am tired of bending to the rules of this world.
I remember you in another life.
You were just as wrong for me then as you are now, but I still wanted you.
There are yet things I want to do to you.
For I have never completely let go.
If I could forget the troubles of this world,
help me forget I am someone else so I could show you things I'm capable of
With someone who shares my addiction for beauty, for the flesh, for the high that can still get higher between two shameful beings such as ourselves. Shhhhhhh, let the other feelings go.
I just want to please you.
Maybe you can pretend you are someone else
So I don't have to lie.
There are other means of contacting me... Shhhhhh, listen to my fantasy:
I only want you to find a way of bringing me closer to you.
Councel me in my carreer, pretend you are safe for a while.
And if you ever find the means, a place where you can keep me (not forever of course, but enough for us to suck a bit more of that old life we can from eachother) keep me there and have your way with me for as long as you can, as often as you can,
Enough to keep my scent on you until we meet again.
I want to suck you, to hold you, to amaze you with desire.
I want to tell you that I want you, need you the way I only can when I am in your arms, keep you in the state of longing until we explode into a million Chinese candles
Like stars in the night sky.
Forget the rest.
The only thing that binds us is an obsession
The world cannot begin to understand.
Take me there.
Hold my hand.

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