Since When Did You Become a Poet?

I was happy with the nitty gritty
Your pornographic humour,
your love of sex in the city,
The way you dogged on George Bush and Juliani.

I was happy with the games we played,
Your play on words,
Your off beat ways.
The stimulation got me through the days.

I liked the way you made me moan,
The way you ate me till I groaned,
The way you hurt me till I liked it.
There was no other friendship like it.

But it seems I found here something new.
I stumbled on a different side of you.
Of all these years, how could I know it?
When did you become a God damn poet?

You crossed a line that shouldn't be crossed
You wrang my heart and there was a cost.
You messed with my loins. You messed with my brain
But when you played with my heart, I ended the game.

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