Let's Elope!

I'm not the type you wanna marry
I buy my food at cash and carry
Your dad would hate the way I touch you
and how you'd moan each time I f***** you
I'd wind up sleeping with your mum,
Your sister, aunt, your girlfriends chum.
The way I drink, the way I sleep,
The lousy company I keep,
My one track mind, the stuff I smoke
My gambling, lying, I'm always broke.
I'd take your heart and leave it scarred
I'd leave you lonely with disregard
toward the way I'd made you feel
My feelings for you never real
Cause what I'd have for you is lust
I'm not a guy who you can trust
I'm only looking for good times
I don't do bedtime nursery ryhmes
I'll never cook, i'm not that clean
when I wake up I'm usually mean
Don't ask to dance, don't try to spoon
I don't hold hands, I don't hang moons
You'll never find, (though you may look)
my qualities, I totally suck
I like my guns, I love my bike
I hate to lose, I'm always right
I'm out of shape, and out of youth
I'm out of style, and out of couth
I need some work, I've lost my fizz
buyer collects, I'm sold 'as is'
A fixer upper, handyman special
Bargain basement scrapyard metal
If I sound like the one for you
Your 'mister right', your 'dream come true'
I'd have to assume you're on dope
But hey, who's fussy, let's elope!

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