Idyllic Moments

Take my hand,
And get lost.
Lost in lust,
Lost in love.
Crave for my lips,
And the warmth of my breath against your cheeks.
Slip your hands over mine,
And slightly maneuver my heart.
Let the sun, the moon, and the stars fill me up with joy.
Caress my body, with pure utter aspiration.
Whisper soft lullabies in my ear.
Carry me away, to an incredible place.
Believe in the rush, the subtle soothing of my touch.
Feel the tingling all over, and send it back to me.
Don’t speak, or say my name, I hear it anyway.
Tangled up in sheets,
Trying to tame this unadulterated bliss.
Need the feeling of desire, like I need you.

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