Capt. Kirk Reflects

Love here ain't nuthin'
Compared to where I come from!
Where I come from, when you're in love
You walk about all inside out
With your guts hangin' out
And your clothes in disarray.
You become an alley cat at night
And a faded moon by day.
What they call passionate love here
We call light friendship, not scorching
Hot like our July summer's love
But a kind of tepid May.
Time that I returned.
I got real people waitin' on me.
And can hardly contain mysel'.
Meanwhile you young-uns have been friendly.
I'm grateful, really I am. If you
Ever get your hyper drive invented
Why, do come up and visit, won't ya?
We're on the planet which hides behind the sun.
We'll be waitin' on ye.

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