Makeing Love

As passion sets our souls on fire,

You match mine with your desire,

We're not rushed to reach our peak,

Prolonged pleasures are what we seek,

The tempo rises as I meet your demands,

It is my pleasure to follow your commands,

You voice your aproval as you near the top,

I've gone to far no way to stop,

Your in heaven waiting for release,

When it comes you can not speak.

Ebraceing now in a deep passionate kiss,

You never knew it could be like this,

Now it's my turn to reach the peak,

My points of pleasure you now seek,

I feel what your doing as my passons grow,

I've died and gone to the only heaven I'll know,

So much pleasure I'm losing my grip,

the sounds of passion excapes my lips,

I try to hold back no way to stop,

Release rushes through me I'm over the top.

Now our bodies mesh and become as one,

Seeking other pleasures before night is done,

We're living a dream quenching our desire,

No way our souls can go much higher,

Sharing the joy's our lovemaking brings,

We have lost sight of all material things,

The tempo again rises it has come to this,

We reach the next level of our mutual bliss,

Exhaustion comes over us again we kiss deep,

Then in each others arms we both fall asleep.

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