Untamed Memories

Being honest with you made me pay a pretty price. It opened up wounds that shouldn't be opened again. And feelings in places I are suppose to be supressed. Now my heart is throbbing and right now i can't stop it. My mind wonders into uncertain urges and wants. My body aches for a touch that will not be there. Being honest with you made me pay a pretty price. It made me think and want you again. Something is that is an impossible thing to ask. Where tears now a of thoughts long forgotten and a love long tucked deep within. My lips want the taste of your strawberry whipped kiss. Sweet as it is deadly to me. I'll gladly take the risks. But being honest with you made me pay a pretty price, but not enough to turn away from what is right. This time I have to fight what I am feeling inside. Our places are set for us or at least one of us. To much is at stake to risk such a heavy weight. My heart is to speak but only one name, but now has been mixed to say another's name that has brought me joys as well as pains. Don't think of this as a ridacule of my heart for it doesn't speak these words. My mind speaks that of reasoning and logic. My heart speaks of what it wants and feels. It's torn yet again and has been since the day i stumbled across u. But i have to be honest with you. Your lips have kissed another, when i wanted it to have kissed mine. Your arms have held another, when it wanted them to hold me tight. Your hands and fingers have loved another when all i burned for was the sensation of them taking me to an ultimate high. Your body has caressed and swam with another's juices as you flowed within hers. When the experience was a thought and a curse within my mind. But then I have to be honest with you. My lips have kissed my lover's and so much more. My arms has held and loved far much more. My hands and fingers have traced over and loved in so many ways both pleasurably and sweetly. My body has caressed, nursed, carried, and swam with so much more than my or any other's jucies flowing and mingling with my lover's or my child's. The experinces I have known have been a blessing and a curse to my mind also. Being honest with you made me pay a pretty price. Even saying I loved you, saying i want you, saying i need u close. Being honest with you made ma pay a pretty price, but being honest is what's right. Acting on what I have said is the thing that has me wondering much more upon all that I know is right. But with the distance of the roads and a lady's evil stare and my sincere warmth of my lover's heart for me, keeps you and me apart. Also the knowledge that My God''s love will depart from me, for willfully sinning is wrong. thought it may feel right. Isn't me and my light will die. Knowing you has been a pleasure more than pain. But i can't keep you in physical gain. Untamed memories will roam within my heart. While i take within your "Sweet Essence that is you," with every breath I breathe. Being honest with you made me pay a pretty price, one that is too high to pay. But know that it's the price of it all that keeps me away. But friendship is free between you and me. Stay and not leave. We can be free to be honest even though the price might open wounds and thoughts of things lost. I'll always want that being honest with you makes me pay a pretty price. That what we have familiar and what makes us familiar. But know being honest with you made me pay a pretty price and I'm glad.

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