With you With you

With you, With you

I was there with you, with you
We were feeling a little like Haiku, Haiku
We were reading the poetry in each others' eyes
I could smell the sweat running down your thighs
I could hear the ecstasy and the passion's cries . . .

And then we both said Achoo, Achoo
Until we were both smelling the goo, the goo
The lovemaking was true, so true
Then I started to feel the Haiku, Haiku
Darting out of my watering eyes
As I looked up into the skies
And the rain muffled my cries
Of passion, such hot scorching passion for you, for you

You are my little Haiku, Haiku
I want to make love again to you, yes you
And then I want to call you my poo, my little poo

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