Your Lips

How sweet and succulent your lips
like purple grapes blossoming lusciously

I want to tickle and envelope me
Holding/Enfolding secret spots
Unhide bearings of love

That rise in attention and response
To your tenderness/Your mind
Body and Soul
Your tongue/Your breath in my ear
Singing/Rhythms of your heart desire

Living heat from within
Bursting/flowering red and blue
Blossoms in full bloom

Curling fingers and toes
Sending pleasure to tips
Sunrises and sunsets –
The unknown horizons
Of your time and space
On mine/In mine

Molten depths/Flames in ears
Slippery/flicks/Licks down the back
Of my neck/My hands over your breasts
(And that bootey)

Squeezing Surfing waves of ecstasy
And longing/Generating shivers that run down
My thigh/Up the spine/The breadth of your shoulders
And tingle the small of your back

Yes I remember your lips/How sweet and succulent
Like purple grapes

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