Got Milk?

Yeah, I got it.
Or, I had it -
like pure cream,
higher on the pedestal
than Vitamin D, 100% pure,
and virgin white.

You bought me
like a farmer -
paid me with a diamond
set in gold.

You gave me bells
ringing in my ears
while I grazed
in my milk white dress.

I worked my calves to the bone
for you
because I was in love,

I see cows in the fields, eating hay.
Hey, man! I can’t eat
unless you feed me.
But, you won’t feed me
unless you need me,
and you can’t need me
if I don’t produce.

But, my milk ain’t free.

Time has skimmed me;
I’m down to 2%.

What’s the matter boy?
It don’t taste as sweet now,
does it?

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