Passion Lost

"Passion Lost"

The day that passion died, I cried,
For deep inside I new it would never return.
Althought I yearned for it's return,
I'd learned that gone was gone -
And never would that sweet, sweet
song fill my soul again.

We walked along that summer day,
We touched and kissed and laughed
Like kids at play.
But then the rain came pouring down.
We lost the passion we had found
Along the way.

Now we meet as friends.
Why? I ask.
What could cause such meeting minds
That loss of touch that meant so much
In days gone by?

Mirrors reflect the prisms of my sorrow.
For the loss of my tomorrow is not of body,
or of love, or soul, or caring-
But of the deepest, tender sharing that
passions bring.
Life's most important thing.

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