We are Lovers

We are lovers,
But more than that
You are my virgin mother;
A new birth for me as we rediscover
The pleasures that we bring to one another;
Coming or going
Knowing neither one thing nor the other;
For all we know is that...
...We are lovers.

More than that
You have whispered that I am your virgin brother
Chocolate skinned, Caramel lover
Unveiling passions too long undercover;
Ecstasy as you swing from one limb to another
Loving this man that is your coffee color.
We are lovers.

We've chosen to self accept and discover
The mere fact that we were that first day,
Letting one thing lead to another
You becoming my virgin mother and I your virgin brother
Realizing that our first time would be with each other
Bound to happen, some place or other
Somehow or another
We would have become lovers

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