Unbridled Passion

Like satin against satin our lips brushed
mouths slightly opened
breathing deeply
Inhaling impaling our hearts on posts of desire
Kisses like fire
Skin glistening in the pale starlight
Passion unleashed
Inferno within blazing buring
Unquenched yearning crying in our souls
Fingertips like feathers wandering aimlessly
Teasing appeasing pleasing
like frolicking in grassy meadows
on a cool spring day
Sening chills down my spine
Like a glass of refreshing tart lemonade
Fingers dancing skipping prancing
Running and down from head to toe
Releasing a flood gate of pleasure
Whose orgins I do not know
a nature supernatural
foreign by purpose
designed by grace
Ignited by circumstance
Uplifted by faith
Love undefined unrefined
pulsating between you and I
Forever moving changing evolving
Losts in the depths of forever
multiplied by infinity
shown by the love in our eyes.

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