A Lover's Fantasy

I wish I was near you so I can touch
Your lips parted, on my neck they lay
Heavy breathing, erratic heartbeats
If only I can touch what's between your legs
Posses me, control me, take over
Make me want you, shivering all over
Flick the switch to total ectasy
Make my body scream as soon as you enter me
Now, let me take over
Drop on your knees and bend over!
Your ass cheek firm and plump, now red with my handprint
Let me be your Dominatrix
Let me force you on your back and take you for a ride
Become one with me
Know every part of me
Kiss me here
Rub me there
Let my hands stray on your chest
Let my tongue caress
Let my teeth bite too excite
Let me rock your world
Let's fall captive to our eruptions
And violently shake within each other's embrace
When we reach the peak to this
Let's top it off with a sensual kiss
Life is Bliss!

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