I Will Never Forget You

Title: I Will Never Forget You
Author: Sushmita

You will always be safe in my memories
And a day will come when I'll tell someone your
I will tell them how one day you entered my life
And in doing so I will relish the thought of that
fortunate night

Whenever you feel lonely or sad
Just remember the times together we had
Gazing at each other the moments were spent
I can never forget how that made me content

I have dreamed of you day and night
And longed every morning to see your sight
I have shuddered with the thought of losing you
Realized that without you life would be so gloomy
and blue

No matter where you go
My love for you will never seize to grow
For you hold that place in my heart
Which keeps me from falling apart

If we could ever be together
I will embrace you forever
Never will I leave your side
Stand by you in all life’s strife

The times when your spirits are low
I promise I will be there to make your days glow
Together we will find a way
And make all your worries go away

Even if you forget me
And sway away like the tides of the sea
Just remember in your heart
That someone somewhere is always thinking of
With everlasting hope and glee!

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