You Wanted to Know

You Wanted to Know.
You wanted to know
How much I love you,
And how I truly feel;
You wanted to know
If anyone was above you,
If that love would I kill.

You wanted to know
If you came first
Before any and every-thing;
You wanted to know
If I would hold you,
If I would be your king.

At first I my thoughts were
"Are you out of your mind?"
Because I could not see
That love you hold so deeply inside,
This wasn't revealed to me.

But then I saw you
For what you are,
And who you strive to be;
I saw you for you,
And not your appearance,
And now I'm on bended knee.

I'm on bended knee
Begging you please,
Will you ever love me again?
Will you ever choose me
Over everyone else?
Will you allow me to win?

I love you so much
Of this I am sure,
I am undoubtedly being true;
True to my heart,
True to the world,
But above all, true to you!

So you wanted to know
How much I love you,
And if I truly care?
You wanted to know
If always I'll love you,
If always I'll be there?

Well I tell you now
In front of all mankind
That I love and would die for you;
I would give all of it up
Just to call you mine,
And do anything you wanted me to.

For you to be here
With me for all time,
Never leaving or finding someone new;
To hold me through it all,
And catch me when I fall,
My dream is eternity with you!

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