River Circling City Flows

River Circling City Flows or Jiang Cheng Zi
Written by Mr. Su Shi at year of 1075. (Song Dynasty)

Ten years living and dead have torn us apart.
I try not to remember,
But itÂ’s hard to forget,
Your lonely grave a thousand miles away,
And nowhere I could tell you about my lonely griefs.
Even though we met,
But how could you recognize me
Thru this dusty face and my frosty hair.

Last night, I suddenly came home thru a serene dream,
By the small window, you were there,
Putting the make up on.
We were staring at each other, without any words,
Only our tears shed thousand streams.
Year after year I grieved for the place:
When the moon shone bright at night
Over that low pine covered small hill.

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