Looking into your eyes makes me warm inside.
Especially when I have you by my side.

Seeing you smile makes me happy.
Especially on days when I feel grumpy.

Holding you in my arms does something special.
Especially when it gives me the chance to say I love you.

Touching your soft lips makes me quiver.
Especially when I know I?m not gold, but you?re silver.

You and me hand in hand
On Christ the solid rock we stand.

Knowing we both are Christians mean the very best.
Especially when we lay our heads down to rest.

Tomorrow is another day
Especially when it gives me joy to say.

If ever I think my work is done.
Then Honey, I?ll start back at one.

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms has a very special meaning to me now.
Especially for the rest of my life, God made you my wife.

Dear, I love you with all my heart!
Especially when you call me sweetheart!

Darling you are a true miracle from above.
God has shown his provisions again by giving me you, love.

You are all the world to me.
From now, till eternity.

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