True Beauty

Pretty Dianna, the perfection
Of youth
Her blue eyes sparkling like the sun
Her rosy cheeks glowing from
Youth's vibrant blush
Her deep red lips shining
Like a rose kissed by the dew

She wlks through life
Inbeauty and grace'She lives, caressed by
God;s tender hand'I see her walking, and she
Transfixes my soul
I will center my life around her,
Though the time we'll have
Will be too brief

Soon the rosy glow will leave
Her cheeks
Her deep red lips will fade
Like the dying embers of a fire,
Youth will no longer fill
Her features
But her eyes will never dim
From the light of God's glow.

True beauty is always hers,
Though her features
Change with time.
She is my light which
Shines to guide me.
I wander till I see her
Then she will lead me to
Safety, abiding in her love.

I will watch life's glow leave
Her body:
She will fade away with
The smile of God illuminating
Her form.

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