Dream World

For years I have been dreaming
Of a world of my design.
Where no darkness ever enters,
Where the sun will always shine.
Where the beauty of the lilies
Shows from all the eye can see.
A world not meant for everyone,
A world made just for me.

A world where there is no pain,
Where all is peace and love.
A world that was sent to me
From the hand of God above.
A world with some feeling,
Where no heartache comes to pass.
A world not a fleeting thing,
A world that will last.

A world that's soft and loving,
A world that's sweet and kind.
A world to which my love belongs,
A world whose love is mine.
"A world," I thought, "that cannot be.
A dream that can't come true."
Until, my love, it happened,
When I found my world in you.

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