my dear

My dear,
You are a dream.
You're simply too good to be true.
And in all the time I've walked this earth,
I never thought I'd find someone like you.
I think of you and I get high,
And you're all I think about.
It's strange to me, but can't you see,
I need you.

I'd happily stay by your side
for whatever you may need.
I'm there for you, you know that's true
I'll lift you up when you are down.
I know that I'm not perfect,
there is a lot I need to work out,
but as long as you say you love me too,
I guess I'll stick around.

My dear,
Please return this favor,
and say that you are mine.
Make me fly away with you,
and I'll be yours for all of time.

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