A vision of love

There's only one girl i will ever love,
She lives in my dreams.
She calls my name and loves me with all her heart.
Afriendly vision that i have only in the dark.
She kisses me so softly and caresses my long brown hair,
And loves me unconditionally without a care.
I wait for her every night when i turn down the lights,
Shes a vision on lovliness i have only at night.
I take her hand and she takes mine,
And together we live a life thats divine.
I hold her against me watching her sleep,
And feel her warm breath against my skin as she breathes.
I whisper in her ear and tell her how i love her so,
And how i never want to let her go.
She loves me back all thru the night,
Only to leave at first light.
So i hold her tight for as long as i can,
Until i have to return to reality and let go of her hand,
I live for my dreams and hope that one day they come true,
But until then its lights out so i can spend one more night with you....

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