Truth & Love

Beyond the sounds of thunder the ancient ways
Whisper in upon the winds of change
For the heart shall beckon to know the light of love
While the lonesome dove sores high above

The shifting sands the sweeping rains
The light of the moon is a beautiful sight
As the stars sing throughout the night

By the light of a heavens the signing of love
A gift to the heavens and the lord above
Am I so bold to think my thoughts are enough?
As I walk within the light of my love

Are we the regatta of a crewless ship?
That sails upon the crest of the waves
In the endless search of truth and love

Are we the winds that move throughout time?
Can we hear the sounds of the seventh sign?
Am I torn with the pain of this heart of mine?
With the thoughts of my mind and the light of my soul
I shall walk within the light that makes me whole

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