The further you go

Traveling through time waiting for the end
The end of what!
The end of the uneven road to the top
Fighting vigorously, The sweat of my face sparkles
sparkles with luminescence
sparkles with stars of proud spirit
Further in the distance, further i must go
Collapsing like a glacier under the scorching sun
Further, further yes i know
The blood in my eyes talks to me, it says
I am tired i am weak but i must, i must go
Endurance i wear like a strong pair of sandals
With them i walk long and journey further, yes Further!
Failure circles me like a hungry crow
Seeking to eat my flesh and peck on my bones
The horizon stands like a glimmering table of marble
Holding only what seems to be the impossible
My last ounce of energy rises higher than the sun at mid day
Yes higher than the full moon on a cloudless night
It Pushes me just one last time, pushes me Further
Yes further

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