The Simple

I wish that there was more to say then the simple "I Love You". Words of much more meaning to express my feelings that are so true. To tell how much I love you, how much I really care. To show you all I love about you, it just really isn't fair. The way you can always make me smile, even when I'm sad. The way you always care about me, even when I'm bad. The way you make me feel so great whenever you're around. The way you always ensure that you love me, to you my heart is bound. I guess I understand the need for a simple "I Love You". For it would take an eternity
to list off everything I love about you. Oh how I wish there were better words than the simple "I Love You". But I know there isn't so I now know what I must do. I must kiss you more then ever before, I must hug you tighter, too. For all I know I can say is Chaye, I love you.

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