Time is the currency of life, we are all given a measure at birth.
Like money we may spend it on anything we want, whether we need it or not.
We can cherish it and spend it wisely, or throw it away recklessly.
We can never get a refund on time spent, or make a deposit to our account.
We can look back and see how much we've spent, but never know how much we have left.
We all have regrets about mistakes we made or opportunities we missed.
Time spent pondering these things is like throwing good money after bad.
The time I spend with you, I choose to spend.
I spend it out of love, not out of obligation.
Not just because I love you, but also because I love to be with you.
Time spent sharing our memories, and planning the future.
Time spent learning from you, laughing with you, and even crying with you is time well spent.
You fill my heart with joy and pride, I am blessed that you are my wife.

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