Sunset.Nowhere close to you.

You fell into my world just like the angel from the sky.
I'd give my everything to feel your breath instead of wind.
Sometimes you feel as far from here as stars pinned up so high
But there's a door that leads to me and one day you'll break in.

I laid unconscious on the ground, you were my kiss of life
And just to have you stayed with me I'd die a ten times more.
If I'm supposed to prove it,I have teardrops from my eyes
And trembling lips that whisper,"I have never been more sure".

Horizon's honey-coloured glow,a spark of golden light
The smeared and smoky clouds of pink embrace the magic night
The paint is dripping from the brush onto this spring's palette
It touched my heart and coloured it in shades of fiery red.

Like the first flower that has broken coat of melting snow,
First feelings are so fragile but in time you'll see them grow.
Someday we'll find the gardens in the charm of their full bloom.
I'd walk on chips of broken glass if walking is with you.

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