desire runs like a river through my heart
melting away ice left by past queens
her touch brought me back from the depths
places I never thought I'd be
ever time I see her, she glows, my heart grows
back from the brink of the unseen
just to hear her voice
just to smell her as she walks by
just to feel her, her smooth skin
looking into her beautiful blue eyes
they sparkle like the melting ice from around my heart
the ice she melted with her heart
opening up a vault I thought I'd never open
this love is like no other
this is true love, not lust, not content, but true love
I thought I'd never be here
I had never been her before
I thought I was once, but I never had
Now I know what true love is
true love is the desire I feel now
the wanting that want go away
true love is true desire

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