Beautiful Love

Beautiful Love

Why didn’t I see this coming for this kind of love I have spent several years hunting. Everyday she makes me love her in some special and new way. No matter what happens I cant help but smile then I am so sad after not talking to her for a while.

The littlest thing I do and she is so happy and quick to say I love you. Such a beautiful love fell from the heavens and landed on me.

With every kiss and every hug I fall further and deeper in love. She is what it means to say your in love, if this is a dream put a sign above my head that reads never to woken up.

When I see her I hold on as tight as I can because I missed her. Because of her love songs on the radio are sung, after she kisses me there is no more air left in my lungs. What a lady she will say I love you honey and my heart goes crazy.

We will hug each other then she will start to back up and say even though I want you to stay its time you should go. I pull her back and squeeze and say now I am with my lady in nor rush to go.

Finally I admit its time for me to leave she kisses me goodbye and from my problems sweet relief. She brings me more peace than a dove with her I share the most beautiful love.

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