I Promise

From the moment that we met,
I felt a special bond,
I knew that I would love you,
Till my death and beyond.

To steal a gentle kiss
And feel your loving touch,
And show you how much I care,
Are the things I want so much?

To walk through life with you,
And share a sweet embrace,
Would make me feel young again,
And cause my heart to race.

I can't believe the Lord above,
Would bring me to you
The love that I have to give,
Is comparable to few.

I never meant to love you,
It happened quite by chance,
The friendship that we have,
Is becoming a new romance.
Now my life is consumed,
With dreams of winning your heart,
I long for us to be together,
And never again be apart.

I can't promise you a rainbow,
Or even the stars above,
But I promise if you will let me,
I'll give you all my love.

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