A lover's dream

My love, you have found me once more in the solitude of the night, your dream has brought you back once more, and back into my sight.
We only meet for seconds, but its enough to fill my heart,
sometimes it's just a passing glance, you r eyes melt with
mine till part.
This over powering feeling of love is more than luck or chance, we have been lovers forever dear, an eternity of
true loves dance.
I long to explore all the love of your lips, and to feel your
heart beat with mine, the all familiar passion, of our souls
as they intertwine.
when we escape this dreaming faze, and meet within our
life, I'll take you to our paradise, and there I'll make you my wife.
We'll spend all our time together, we'll cherish each others
breath, and plan for our next life meeting, I promise to love
you through death...My love you have found me once
more through the darkness into light.

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