Why I Love You So Much

Can you tell me why,
These feelings I just can't hide,
Yes, it's true,
I really love you,
We've been together for several years,
And you've never caused me to shed a single tear,
Every night I as I lay in my bed,
I hope the vision of your face will forever dance in my head,
I always think about you baby,
And when I say always I mean daily,
I remember the first time I saw your beautiful face,
I never wanted to leave that place,
We've never even had a fight,
I want to be with you all of my life,
You don't put on an act in front of your homies,
So I know you'll never leave me lonely,
You're always there for me,
So I know you really care for me,
You never lie,
Unlike other guys,
The memory of you in my mind will never erase,
Every time I see you my heart goes on a race,
And sweetie that's just,
Why I live you so much.

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