What you do to me

Do you remember the nights?
The sweating, breathing and moans?
The way you touched me so light,
That passion, sweet passion alone.
I remember your eyes, those big brown eyes,
caressing my body, tracing my every curve.
I swear, to have you touch me again I'd die,
I still wonder what I did to deserve.
But the best thing of it all, is that one time.
When moving in sync with you in your bed,
A tear rolled down my face , you weren't blind.
You asked me so sweetly, held close my head.
It was then I told you, I cry for those I truly love.
You wiped it away, kissed my face so gently.
I thought I die, because this love sent me above.
Never before have I been loved this tenderly.
I love you papi, I miss you so much,
TO love you is all I can do, is it enough for you?
This passion won't fade, not even the touch.
My heart is yours, forever will I love you.

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