I love u now & forever

As I sit here and think about you,
I wonder where you are and what you are doing.
I miss everything we had,
everything we could of had and everything you were
but most of all I miss your smile.
When I was down, depressed low to the ground,
all I ever needed was your smile to come around.
You made me so happy,
happier then anyone ever had.
I don't love you for just that,
it was everything, everything you said,
everything you did but most of all,
the love that you give.
Everything you were was everything I dreamed of.
Now I lost you, for I have no clue how or why but when I think,
I think and wonder if you ever loved me the way you now love her.
To this day, I sit and wait to see if you'll ever come back to me, my way.
I love you now and forever Wayne Andrew Gallipoeu!!!

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