A Kiss

A kiss can say so many things
Hi, how are you and
I missed you so much or even
I love you

A kiss can and will almost never tell the truth
Sometimes it hides many lies
I'm using you and
I did something so wrong that I'm gonna distract you with a kiss or
I'm cheating on you

A kiss is as sweet as a rose in the morning dew
It has a life as short as the wind

I hate the idea of kissing but
I love kissing him
Feeling his lips against mine
Tasting his tongue and becoming lost in his bliss

A kiss can do many things
Let the other person know how deep your feelings go and
Telling someone how much you care or
Just a simple I like you

I'm in need of a kiss
And I wish I had him to hold me right now but
As long as I can still feel his kiss lingering
I know he's near, I know he loves me
I know he misses kissing me too

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