Over and Out

So tired of the same old fools' gold game
Wishing daily I could forget your name.
For what happened between us there's no good reason
No excuse
For what I have to live with, there's no cutting loose.
I accept it all, but i could do with less
My mind's in a flurry, my heart's still a mess.
I know you're nothing like I thought you were
Retrovision still crystal clear, the aftermath
Remains a blur.
I asked for nothing, but still I cared
And I can't seem to forget that kiss we shared.
When you were thirsting, I offered my cup
When you were ailing, I prayed for God to lift you up.
That it meant nothing, you made quite clear
Your silence made that evident.
An honest gesture could not penetrate the veneer
Not a word was said that wasn't meant, not from me
But you're too wrapped up in yourself
Consumed, blinded by your vanity.
I'll take no more chances, I'm too full of doubt
Over you, over it all, I've moved over and out.

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