Angel In My Dreams

The day was warm, the night was cold
My hands are numb
Needed sumthing warm to hold
I closed my eyes and fell asleep on the bed
Minutes later....I felt a cold breeze that touch my head
I opened my eyes...
I was shocked...surprised..
My luv who had died was standing next to me
Didn't believe ghost were real...
Can't believe this is happening
My mind was awake, my heart began to race
Couldn't believe I could see my luvs face again
At this time and place
She began to speak...told me to beware
"Baby, be careful about tomorrow,
I sense sadness and sorrow"
She just then vanished into thin air
I woke up suddenly with my heart beating fast
It was just a dream I told myself....
Just a dream....

Next day there was a party at my friends house
There was a lot of drinking dancing
I didn't felt like be active anymore
Didn't want to meet another girl
Knowing that things might happen like before
But someone caught my eye
This girl who was sitting alone on the couch
I went and sat down by her side
We began to talk...then started a conversation
She reminded me so much of my girl
She had her lips...her eyes....
Was she my luv...back in disguise?

It was getting late and I got up to go
As I got up...she grabbed my hands and told me..."No"
I told her my friends were waiting
"Please don't go"...she kept saying
I thought she had too much to drink
Too much liquor....that's what I think
I went out to tell my friends to go on without me
I went back inside....kinda tired....needed sleep
The girl then took me upstairs.....we went into this room
We lied on the bed....then we fell asleep..

Next morning I woke up and notice the girl was gone
I went downstairs and ask my friend where did she go
He replied, "What u talking about...I don't know.."
I sat on the couch and turned on the T.V
Was watching the news till something hit me
There was a terrible accident involving my friends
Thought to myself...if I went last night...would've been my end
My mind flash back to the was true...
The dream did come true....
I ask myself..."That girl...was she the one I luved?"
I was right....our love for each other will always stay
No matter where she is....our love will never go away
She has loved me so much to even come back to save my life
If only I had a second chance....I would've changed that night
Night she left this world....
I just want another chance to be with u....
Babi if there was another chance I would do anything for it
I love u so much....Babi....I truly do.....

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