January Song

The sun cut through the cold
Walking between the stretches of building on either side of the street,
the light breaks through only once in a hundred steps
How warm you are on my left
I can’t remember the last time I heard you laugh that way so happy
the minutes slip with every footstep, and I rush every stroke in my head
every line perfect so that tomorrow
your smile isn’t gone.
Your hair falls sweeping on your back, as I follow you into the bookstore
The smell of the cold the books and cigarettes mattes my senses down.
You are swirling black and dark against the yellow of the books
Catching my breath as you pass I press my hand to your arm.
I feel the wool of your coat slip between my fingers
I am always afraid in these moments but I pull anyway
You press your face into my chest and back away.
Our eyes meet for the first time in an invitation and my heart breaks but I trail
my hand down your face and there is
only the kiss.

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