Thinking of You

Being with you is so beautiful I can hardly describe it.
Everything else fades away when you kiss me.
In that moment, nothing matters but you.
When I am in your arms,
I feel so protected and secure.
You are my hero.
You do so much for me and
Take care of me in so many ways.
You answer my questions and silence my doubts
Without saying a word.
You accept me just the way I am,
With all my quirks and flaws.
Simply lying next to you makes me feel special.
Everything in me responds to your touch.
You give me so much pleasure -
From my neck, to my shoulders, to my breasts,
To my ummm.. you do me just right.
I get butterflies when you say, "Let me."
You're so good, I wish I could tell it.
But words don't come close to expressing
The level of ecstasy you bring me to -
Again, and again, and again.

Shakespeare had it right -
Parting is such sweet sorrow.
It seems I never want to let you go.
I try to memorize everything about you -
your scent, your smile, the look in your eyes.
I think you understand because you never rush me.
When you leave, I tell myself you'll be right back.
Then when I'm alone,
I close my eyes,
And you're here
With me once again.
And I can almost lay my head against your chest,
Listen to your heartbeat,
And let the world fade away
As you bend your head to kiss me.

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